Age: 34

Height: 5' 10"

Weight Class: 145lbs

fighting out of: Fifty/50 MaRTIAL ARTS ACADEMY

A Black Belt (promoted April 1, 2010) under 2-time world champion Felipe Costa (Brasa Team) and professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter representing Fifty/50 Martial Arts Academy in Falls Church, Virginia, Ryan Hall is a current UFC Fighter and one of the most competitively successful American-born Jiu-Jitsu players to date and is widely regarded as one of the best lightweight submission grapplers in the world.

Ryan began his martial arts career in January 2004 while attending college in NYC. He soon realized that he had found his true calling and dedicated himself full-time to training less than 9 months later, after choosing to end his pursuit of an engineering degree. Ryan moved quickly through the ranks and had racked up over 200 submission wins in competition by the time he became an IBJJF World, No-Gi World, and European champion and medalist at the CBJJ Brazilian National (Brasiliero) championship as a purple belt in 2008.

Though he has performed well in major tournaments with the kimono, Ryan is perhaps known best for his accomplishments on the world level of no-gi submission wrestling competition where he has faced and defeated some of the sport’s greatest champions. Ryan has been invited three times to compete in the ultra-prestigious Abu Dhabi Submission Fighting World Championship where he is one of only a handful of non-Brazilian competitors in the history of the event to have come home with a medal.

As a mixed martial artist, Ryan has been dominating since turning his attention to prize fighting full-time in 2012.  Bringing with him a unique grappling skill set, a fearless approach to utilizing new and unorthodox technique, and an earnest desire to become a complete fighter in all phases, Ryan has finished all of his opponents, allowing only one to move beyond the first round.  

As a member of The Ultimate Fighter 22, a Reality TV series which aired on Fox Sports 1 in Fall 2015, Ryan won his first two matches with heel hooks in the first round before losing via majority decision in his 3rd fight.  (These matches are considered exhibition matches due to the two round format.) However, Ryan was invited to fight in the Finale when one finalist was unable to fight due to visa issues. He won the 3 round fight via Unanimous Decision earning him the TUF 22 Title.

In addition to his competitive exploits, Ryan is a world-renowned Jiu-Jitsu instructor and coach, highly sought after for expert seminars all over the world. His students have won titles at the local, regional, national, and international levels as they rise rapidly through the ranks under Ryan’s guidance.  Outside of the gym, Ryan has been a vocal advocate for ethical practices in business and training in the marital arts community. 

He has released eight sets of best-selling instructional DVDs that have garnered wide acclaim for both their technical content and the clarity of Ryan’s teaching method. Additionally, Ryan is the author of “How To Master The Triangle Choke,” the definitive resource for training information regarding this signature technique of Jiu-Jitsu.

Among the most amazing aspects of the martial arts world is the openness with which many of its top athletes conduct their business and training.  Anyone with the desire to train and learn the martial arts is welcome to visit the Fifty/50 Martial Arts Academy to work with Ryan and the other students and athletes there, beginning or continuing their own journey on this unique and rewarding path.  


Ryan would like to sincerely thank the following individuals with helping him at various points along his path in Jiu-JItsu and Mixed Martial Arts:  Seph Smith, Christian Montes, Felipe Costa, Murilo Santana, Bruno Frazatto, Josh Waitzkin, Marcelo Garcia, Paul Schreiner, Sandeep Barnabas, Thomas Zurita, the Russell Family, Paul Viele, Firas Zahabi, Ray Thompson, Stephen Thompson, Matthew Miller, Jordan Lipp, Lloyd Irvin, James Torres, Jeff Ruth, David Terao, David Louiseau, Henrique Rezende, Dave Kaplan, his parents, John & Patricia Hall and his wife, Jen Hall.


Photographer: Fightersplus